Strong Capabilities

FunDe Sino Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is a professional life insurance company operating on a national scale. The company was established on March 4, 2002 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Its shareholders include Shenzhen FunDe Financial Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Shenzhen National Investment Development Co., Ltd., and other well-funded enterprises. With a registered capital of 11.752 billion yuan and total assets of over 470 billion yuan, FunDe Sino Life has some of the strongest capital reserves of any life insurance company in China.

FunDe Sino Life's business philosophy follows the principles of "Sincerity and Faithfulness" and the core values of "Benefiting the People and Doing Business Based on Virtue", the company has kept full pace with the market and constantly strives for innovation, reform, and development.

FunDe Sino Life has remained steadily committed to its advanced and forward-looking talent development strategy and has attracted a large number of high-end talents from inside and outside the industry. The company's management team consists of well-known life insurance management experts; persons of rich experience and with great influence in the industry. Our professional management team and steady corporate development cannot be realized without employing high-level management talent, highly qualified and refined individuals deeply familiar with market laws and possessed of strategic vision and high-quality employees who have strong executive force.

FunDe Sino Life has established a marketing network and diversified service platform that covers key provinces and cities across China. The company currently has 35 subsidiaries, more than 1,000 branches and service outlets, and employs more than 200,000 management and sales personnel.

Rich Range of Products

FunDe Sino Life is committed to providing all-round risk prevention solutions for different groups of people including life insurance, annuity insurance, accident insurance and health insurance. The company has a wide range of available products for sale, and sells these products through various channels including personal marketing, bank and mail agencies, direct sales, e-commerce, telephone sales, and more. FunDe Sino Life provides comprehensive and professional insurance services for customers of all ages and groups.

Efficient Investments

FunDe Life is an insurance company with full investment licenses, and has always adhered to the concept of value investment. Since 2010, we have had excellent return on investment, and our average RoI has been higher than the industry average over the past decade.

Full-Compliance Management

FunDe Sino Life has always fully abide by applicable laws and regulations, and regulatory requirements, and has instituted a company management system and ethical standards upholding the principles of honesty and trustworthiness. These are our company’s foundation, as well as the core values that we adhere to. The company advocates and promotes a full-compliance culture centered on "being honest and trustworthy, and following all directives and prohibitions". We have established the principles of active compliance by all workers, where all workers take responsibility for compliance activities, and universal employee compliance leads to value creation. The company strives to strengthen its development and implementation of its compliance culture, and cultivates compliance awareness among all of its employees and agents.

Top-Rate Services

Through service outlets covering key provinces and cities across the country, our 24-hour customer service hotline (95535), the 24-hour customer service activities, and both comprehensive and diverse value-added services to support customer health, we have built a zero-distance and personalized bridge between our customers and the company. The company views customer satisfaction as the touchstone of its management policies, and applies the concept of "doing everything for customers" to our overall operations. The company’s customer-oriented corporate culture has won it a strong public reputation as well as considerable customer recognition.

FunDe Sino Life actively explores the field of electronic green finance. Thanks to our advanced facial recognition and electronic signature technologies, the company has established a whole-process e-service system stretching from insurance sales to claim settlement. We have launched an "interest-bearing claim settlement" service and provide special "1-2-3-4" claim settlement services, referring to the process of "settling claims of less than 500 yuan within 1 day, visiting hospitalized patient clients who have reported their cases promptly within 2 days, settling claims for clients with complete information records within 3 days, and settling clients’ pre-paid claims within 4 days".

In order to meet the needs of different customers, the company has launched a WeChat claim settlement service and mobile claim settlement service. Customers can apply for settlements online without stepping out their doors, allowing the case to be closed in real time and to be paid out in real time, and this embodies FunDe Sino Life’s people-oriented and customer-oriented approach to service.

Committed to CSR

Since its establishment, FunDe Sino Life has been deeply concerned with the country’s development, actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and supporting those in need across the country. Especially in recent years, the company has actively responded to the government call for "insurance in support of poverty alleviation". Through the long-term "Little Dolphin Plan" public charity project, the company has supported left-behind children in poor areas and children in specialized schools for the children of migrant workers. The company plans to add the "Little Dolphin Angels", "Little Dolphin Guardians" and "Little Dolphin Companions" support programs to further aid the "insurance in support of poverty alleviation" campaign. By the end of 2019, the company had carried out more than 700 activities as a part of the "Little Dolphin Plan", had benefited 78,000 children, and had donated accident insurance products to more than 31,000 children, with a total coverage of over 1.2 billion yuan and total donations of 10 million yuan. More than 17,000 volunteers participated in these activities. In the future, the "Little Dolphin Plan" will produce more new products with a richer variety of content, and will bring even happiness and love to children in need.

FunDe Sino Life also remains deeply concerned with China’s education sector. Since its establishment, the company has donated more than 10 schools to help nearly 1,000 impoverished students. To date, the company has donated more than 30 million yuan for educational purposes.

Widespread Praise and Recognition

Since its establishment, thanks to its strong capacity and comprehensive service ability, FunDe Sino Life has garnered praise from both inside and outside the industry, and its brand value has been continuously improved. The company has been selected into "Top 500 Asian Brands" on eight occasions and won honors such as being named to the "Top 10 Most Credible Brands in Asia", the "Top 10 Asian Life Insurance Companies", "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", "Top 10 Most Comprehensively Competitive Chinese Life Insurance Companies", "Top 100 Independent Chinese Brands by Public Satisfaction Over40 Years of Reform and Opening Up", has received an "Outstanding Enterprise Award for Financial Consumer Rights Protection", a "Pioneer Award for Insurance Customer Services", and an "Award for Poverty Alleviation through Insurance", and has been named a "Consumer Rights Protection Satisfaction Unit", the "Outstanding Claims Service Insurance Company of the Year", and a "Pioneer Institution for Precision Poverty Alleviation."

In recent years, the success of FunDe Sino Life led to the successive founding of sister companies such as FunDe Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd., Sino Life Asset Management Co., Ltd., Sino Life Asset (Hong Kong) and FunDe Insurance Sales. In 2015, the founding of FunDe Insurance Holding Co., Ltd. was approved, marking FunDe’s formal entry into the group development phase.

Looking toward the future, FunDe Sino Life has set a strategic goal of "becoming the industry’s first comprehensively leading Group and building a first-class benchmark company in the industry". The company is committed to becoming a model life insurance company with sufficient capital reserves, a rational business structure, standardized operations and management, and outstanding profitability which creates value for its customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large.